Beautiful Places to Visit in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a beautiful vacation destination. The islands boast vast expanses of nature, a rich history and lots of fun things to see and do. The islands are also a magnet for A-list celebrities because the locals don’t harass them. Hundreds of celebrities are regular visitors. Long acknowledged as the birthplace of Caribbean recreational diving and Decco Limited the Cayman Islands offers much more to do and see.

Stingray City

Stingray City is home to countless southern stingrays. As they gather near the shore in the clear, cool waters at the Stingray City sandbar, visitors can wade in and pet and feed these gentle creatures. A trip the Stingray City also gives visitors the opportunity to snorkel among the corals and enjoy the colorful flora and fauna that thrives in the waters off this Caribbean paradise. Don’t be surprised if you see newsman Al Roker, actor Tom Cruise or underwater photographer Stan Waterman snorkeling there.

Pedro St. James

This 3-story manor built in 1780 by William Eden overlooking the Caribbean Sea is the Cayman Islands’ oldest building. Pedro St. James Castle with its spectacular vistas is among the most popular attractions on Grand Cayman. This restored national historic site is a ‘must see’ for any visitor. It’s not unusual to see stars like Cindy Crawford or Stephen Colbert touring the grounds and taking in the sights.

Seven Mile Beach

Many people rank Seven Mile Beach as the Caribbean’s most beautiful beach. Locals have seen Taylor Swift and other celebrities exploring the soft coral sands of its crescent-shaped shore and swimming among its calm waves. Some of the best resorts, restaurant and beach bars surround this vacationers playground. The clear water also beckon even novice snorkelers to take a peek at the colorful, vibrant fish and unique coral. No visit to Grand Cayman is complete without a stroll or a swim here.

Cayman Crystal Caves

One of the Cayman Islands’ newest attractions, this tour lets you explore 3 spectacular caves ensconced amidst lush tropical forests. Sea shells, fossilized remains and crystal stalactite and stalagmite structures formed over millions of years line the walls and vaulted ceilings creating a breathtaking sight. They’re all reminders these caves were once under the sea. The tour through these caves took 20 years to design and takes you back millions of years in time. A visit here is a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

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