Companies that Match Charitable Donations

Matching gift programs are used to give employees incentives to make charitable donations. If the employee makes a donation to a non-profit fits the guidelines, and the amount donated meets the guidelines, the employee may submit a gift submission request. The company will then donate a matching amount of money to the same nonprofit, and sometimes even more.

There are many different companies that offer match charitable donations. But four of the more popular ones are the following.


PepsiCo has a very long history of having philanthropic endeavors. The minimum amount that you can get a matched donation at is 25 dollars. The company will match up to a 10,000 dollar donation. Something that sets this company apart when it comes to their match program is the fact that all employees, retirees, and their spouses and domestic partners and the advisory board members are eligible for matched donations.


Another popular company that is often praised for their charitable donations is Apple. The company doesn’t have a minimum amount that has to be donated in order to match it, and offers a donation up to 10,000 dollars to be matched. Any current employees are eligible for the match program, and most U.S-based charities are included int the eligibility.

One thing that is important to notice about this match program is the employee can donate as little as one dollar in order to be matched. This means that even if employees don’t have much money to donate to charity, they can get that amount matched.


Microsoft is another popular company that offers matching charitable donations. They offer up to 15,000 dollars in charitable donations to be matched by the company. The company has donated more than 1 billion dollars to charitable organizations since implementing their match program.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has a pretty good matching gift program. It only takes a donation over 25 dollars in order for the donation to be eligible and will cover up to 20,000 dollars. The company will also match up to two times the amount that the employee donated. Even part-time and retired employees donations are matched.

The types of non-profits that are eligible for the matching gift program includes organizations that support higher education, health care nonprofits, environmental charities. Employees have up to a year to put in an application for a charitable donation.

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