Organizations that Help in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Poverty in this country is deep rooted and widespread, the gap between the poor and the rich is bewildering. Also, the country is susceptible to flooding and cyclones which are disastrous because many people live near the rivers. Paucity in every sector and Islamic extremism has left this country in shackles.

A majority of people in this country have no access to education and essential needs. To combat this situation, the Bangladesh government is working to ensure the country gets economic stability. The Bangladesh authority has chiefly focused on the Industrial development and has attracted many investors in the country. However, the government has sidelined other sectors such as human rights, education, and provision of basic needs to its people.
The good news is that aid agencies are flocking the country to help counter the dreadful situation in this country. The organizations have been providing services and have transformed lives in Bangladesh. What’s more, these agencies have been work with the government in its journey towards a stable Bangladesh. Here are some of the organizations that help in Bangladesh.

Concern worldwide
The organization primarily focuses on the poorest countries in the world. To date, Concern Worldwide has significantly improved the livelihood of people in Bangladesh. The organization has been a haven for extremely vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. Through their programs such as urban program, char program, and Haor program, the agency has improved the lives of poor communities and has facilitated access to rights and entitlements of marginalized communities in Bangladesh.

Families for children
For years, children have been working in tanneries of Bangladesh. Despite complaints and constant warnings child labor in Bangladesh continues to grow rapidly. Child laborers in this country are exposed to hazardous chemicals and die before fifty according to a report by WHO. Additionally, Islamic extremists are attracting helpless children in their movements. For this reason, Families for children has been in the forefront in the fight for children rights and protection in Bangladesh.

Islamic Relief
The organization has an unwavering commitment towards a better world. Its intervention in Bangladesh has helped the people in this country. The organization provides essential needs such as clean water, healthcare, shelter and nutrition to refugee camps in Bangladesh. The organization also ensures children in poor and neglected communities’ access education. Additionally, the agency has been fighting for human rights in Bangladesh particularly those that ensure gender equality and protection of children.
With these organizations in Bangladesh, the country is assured of a better future that is graced with economic growth and respect for human rights.

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